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Our History

     Gillham's Glass & Repair Service was founded by Joe & Mary Gillham in 1986.  Joe had worked for several years as a glazier for other companies.  From 1969 through 1978 he worked for Lafayette Glass Company.  He then worked as a union glazier and private contractors until 1981.  

     At that time he was hired to manage Kenworthy Glass.  He worked there until 1986.  But Joe and Mary decided that they would prefer to have their own business.  They decided to start their own business at 3105 South Street  in 1986.  In July 1989 they moved their business to its present location at 3585 McCarty Lane, Lafayette, Indiana. 

     Since 2005 Gillham's Glass & Repair Service has been run by Mike Gillham and William Richardson II.  Lisa Gillham, Mike's wife, has been the office manager.  They are the future owners of Gillham's Glass as the business will be handed down to the next generation.  We hope all of our customers are pleased with the way they are treated as well as the service they receive.  We respect and  appreciate our customers and hope they might relay any problems they might encounter to us. It is our desire that our customers are completely satisfied with the our service and the products they purchase.  We had a good year in 2008 and hope that 2009 will be good to us as well as our customers.  Thank you for your business.

Meet the Team

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